Cat Outram - Etchings from an Edinburgh Printmaker

I draw anything that strikes me as beautiful. As an etcher I am drawn to the linear around me. I love the tracery of winter branches against a clear sky, the shape of things against a bright window, or the contrast of textures, the pattern of shapes. But it is light especially, that moves me, the way shadows and highlights mark an image, the way sunlight is captured.

For many years I have made my living marketing images of Edinburgh, benefiting hugely from living in such a picturesque city. At the same time I have brought up two boys. Now they are grown, I have time to explore the medium more, to try to be more ambitious, more personal in my choices. I have been looking at different ways of adding colour by incorporating collograph and mono-print techniques and I mean to explore further the possibilities of deep intaglio.


 'Edinburgh scene & backdrop'. The view from Salisbury Crags across the city towards Fife.